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     Also, from 2019, Linda Homa’s 7.0, 55 and over Mixed Doubles Team won the Marion District and qualified for a year-end tournament in Pinellas County. Although not an official USTA Florida Sectional, this event served the same purpose and drew top teams from across the state. Linda’s team went 2-1 in their flight, narrowly missing the semi-finals. However, 5th place in the state of Florida is a terrific achievement. Congratulations are in order for Linda and her team.
   2020 USTA Leagues will begin in a matter of days. Year-end ratings came out last month so captains know who they can count on in the coming season. Fifty-five and over adult leagues and 40 and over mixed leagues will be played primarily on weekends. Sixty-five and over leagues will again be played on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. And, our new swinging 70s league will be played on Friday afternoons if they get enough teams to participate. I will be posting a list of league matches weekly when they begin. 
   Since this is our busy season, it is important to release reserved courts when they are no longer needed, as wait lists are common. Reservations are at 10am and 11:30am Monday through Saturday for 90 minutes. Afternoons and Sundays will continue to offer two-hour slots.



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