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   CADL (Citrus Area Doubles League) is the longest running league in which we participate at Skyview Tennis Center. It lasts from October to April and involved seven teams this past season. Skyview hosts two of those teams with 27 regular participants and dozens of subs. It comes as no surprise that winning this marathon league is a real point of pride for the championship team.
   For the recently completed 2018-2019 season, that team is Sky Hi captained by Linda Lademann and co-captained by Ellen Cupelli. Sky Hi amassed 115 points followed by Skyview Advantage with 108. No other team made it to triple digits. Linda, Ellen and Skyview Advantage captains Margie McLellan and April Manley have done a tremendous job prepping their teams and keeping them fired up for the long haul. Congratulations to our captains and players for another great season of CADL.
   Court resurfacing, which we had hoped would be completed by now, has been delayed for weather related issues. The contractor has been busy dodging raindrops at his other job locations. We should be in full work mode by the time you read this and anticipate magnificent new court surfaces and lines. We look forward to the conclusion of the project soon.



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