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 BellaVita Hours:  
Monday - Friday
  5:30am - 9pm
Saturday - Sunday
  6am - 6pm
Racquetball Courts: Reservations are made at the fitness desk for one hour intervals. Racquets available.
Pool Information: Six lane lap pool for lap swimmers. Water aerobics fitness classes are located at the BellaVita Pool.
Spa Facility: Manicures, pedicures, facials, massage and waxing. See "Spa Services" for complete details.
Locker Information: Lockers are located poolside, in the fitness room and in the men's and women's locker rooms for your convenience. Combination locks are opened with your personal 4 digit code.

·      Cybex – 9 Pieces of Equipment
·      True  – 9 Pieces of Equipment
·      Stairmaster Tread Climbers – 2 Pieces of Equipment


·      True Striders – 5 Pieces of Equipment
·      True Spectrum – 3 Pieces of Equipment
·      Cybex Arc Trainers – 2 Pieces of Equipment
·      Precor EFX – 4 Pieces of Equipment
·      Octane XTOne – 2 Pieces of Equipment
·      Octane XT4700 – 2 Pieces of Equipment

·      Octane X Ride Recumbent Elliptical - 2 Pieces of Equipment 

·      Star Trac Recumbent – 1 Piece of Equipment
·      True Recumbent – 6 Pieces of Equipment
·      True Upright Seat – 4 Pieces of Equipment
·      Stages Spinning Bikes – 17 Pieces of Equipment
·      Monarch Ergomedic 828E - 1 Piece of Equipment
·      Star Trac E-Spinners – 1 Piece of Equipment
·      Tour de France E-Spinner – 1 Piece of Equipment


Miscellaneous Cardio Equipment
·      Stair Master – 2 Piece of Equipment
·      Versa Climber – 1 Piece of Equipment
·      Concept2 Rowing Machine – 2 Pieces of Equipment
·      Scifit upper body Ergometer – 1 Piece of Equipment
·      Scifit upper and lower body Ergometer – 1 Piece of Equipment


·      Precor Stretch – 4 Pieces of Equipment
·      True Total Body Stretch – 2 Pieces of Equipment


Strength Training Circuits
 Cybex VR3
    Chest Press
    Overhead Press
    Fly and Rear Delt
    Lateral Raise
    Torso Rotation
    Lat Row
    Arm Curl
    Arm Extension
    Lat Pulldown
    Back Extension
    Abdominal Crunch
    Leg Extension
    Leg Curl
    Hip Abduction
    Hip Adduction
    Dip Chin Assist
    Leg Press

Cybex Eagle
    Lat Pulldown
    Chest Press
    Overhead Press
    Arm Extension
    Arm Curl
    Fly and Rear Delt
    Incline Press
    Lat Row
    Leg Press
    Leg Extension
    Leg Curl
    Glut isolation
    Calf isolation
    Abdominal Crunch

Paramount-Express Circuit
    Rotary Chest
    Rotary Shoulder
    Pec Fly
    Seated Row
    Lat Pulldown
    Bicep Curl
    Arm Extension
    Leg Press
    Leg Extension
    Leg Curl
    Abdominal Crunch
    Low Back Extension

    Leg Extension
    Arm Curl
    Abdominal Crunch
    Chest Press
    Triceps Extension

Free Weight Room
·      Cybex Leg Press
·      2 Smith Racks
·      3 Adjustable Benches
·      Plate Loaded Calf Raise
·      Flat bench Olympic Chest Press with Olympic bar
·       3 dumb bell racks with dumb bells from 5 to 80 pounds
·      Wrist roll
·      Free Weight Plates from 2.5 to 45 pounds
·      Preacher Curl
      Additional bars and accessories
·      Dumbbells – 3 sets
·      Cybex Half Rack
·      Adjustable Bench

Miscellaneous Equipment
·      2 Precor Ab-X Benches
·      Ab Decline Bench
·      Cybex Body Extension
·      Inversion Bench
·      Cybex Body Extension
·      Cybex Leg Raise
·      Roman Chair
·      Functional Trainer that includes 30 pieces of accessory equipment    
    (triceps ropes, curl bars, triceps push downs, ankle straps)
·      2 adjustable benches
·       Various pieces of accessories including power balls, bozu, core
    strength pads, bands, mats, jump ropes, power bars, and steps
·         2 Bozu ball docking station for core strength Heavy bag and
·         Speed Bag and various additional aerobic accessories

Activity Center Fitness Hours:  
Monday -Thursday: 8:30am - 9pm
Friday & Saturday: 8:30am - 7pm
6am - 6pm
5:30-8:30am Enter the gym with your membership
card from door near Pickleball Courts



Nautilus Strength Equipment                               
Leg Press
Abdominal Torso
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Lat Pull
Lat Row
Bicep Curl
Triceps Curl
Seated Fly
Back Extension
Overhead Press
Chest Press
Abdominal Crunch
Abduction and Adduction
Leg Curl

Cardio Equipment
True Treadmills
True Striders
Star Trac Recumbent Bikes
Star Trac Stepper
Star Trac Upright Bike
Cybex Arc Trainer

Miscellaneous Equipment       
Precor Abdominal Crunch          
Precor Stretch   
Smith Rack       
V Crunch
Seated Curl Bench
Adjustable Bench
Decline Bench
Standing plate loaded Preacher Curl

Dumbbells and Plates
Dumbbells from 5 to 45 pounds
Assorted Plates 2.5 to 45 pounds
2 Tier Dumbbell Rack



Brentwood Fitness Hours:
Every Day:  5:30am - 9pm 


Cardio Equipment
True  Treadmill – 4 Pieces of Equipment
True Strider Elliptical – 3 Pieces of Equipment
True Recumbent Bikes – 2 Pieces of Equipment

Miscellaneous Equipment
Precor Stretch – 1 Pieces of Equipment
Star Trac Ab Crunch – 1 Piece of Equipment

Paramount Strength Training Circuit
Dual purpose Chest/Shoulder with Chest Press, Incline Press
and Shoulder Press
Dual purpose Back with Lat Pulldown and Seated Row
Dual purpose Legs with Leg Extension and Leg Curl
Dual purpose Arms with Triceps and Biceps






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