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     The Spring Health Fair on March 25th is a great event dedicated to fitness and health. It’s a full day packed with activities and information about how to enjoy better health. Among the highlights of the day we will have exhibitors from the health and medical industry offering helpful information and providing personal assessments. These free assessments will help you get a handle on your current health and will include: Iron Levels; Cholesterol; Blood Pressure and Blood Type; Body Composition; Otoscope (hearing); Golf Fitness Screening; and more. Take advantage of this day that will help you enjoy a lifestyle with the benefits of bringing physical activity into your daily routine. It’s never too late to become fit (and remain fit) to enhance your quality of life. A commitment to being active and enhancing your health is sure to pay you back through the years ahead. During the day you’ll have an opportunity to experience many of the classes we feature every month and throughout the year. We invite you to come have some fun and get a better understanding of the outstanding facilities and staff available to all Club members. For more information about the Spring Health Fair, stop by BellaVita or call 746-1241.



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