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    Should you do cardio or strength training first? There is no right or wrong answer. Whatever you do first shouldn’t slow you down for what you do next. Remember, the body becomes so efficient that if you continue with the same workout sequence for too long, the body will remember and not have to work as hard. You could plateau after about four to six weeks of doing the same workout. So, change it up and tweak it a bit. When you switch to a new workout that the body doesn’t know, it has to start over again learning your workout routine. The body needs all its reserves and increases its metabolism, which burns more calories and provides more improvement in strength and toning.
   Switching between different workout sequences is as easy as changing the sequence between different pieces of equipment or starting with lower-body instead of upper-body or increasing intensity levels. We have awesome personal trainers here to offer you advice on changing up your workout sequence periodically. Enjoy our fabulous facilities and the rest of our wonderful amenities.



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