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     Helga will offer a broad spectrum of information for each attendee, on the spot. No items are off limits… dolls, jewelry, rugs, paintings, prints, books, quilts, glassware, pottery, and musical instruments are just a few examples! Antique furniture will also be appraised (bring photos for large pieces).
Appraisals are for approximate value only, based on current market conditions. If you are looking for a written appraisal, Helga will offer those services on a private basis.
   If you find your heirloom isn't worth much, you may not want to toss it in the trash. Consider selling it through a newspaper classified ad, on eBay, or at a garage sale. Or maybe just set it out for display… if an item evokes cherished memories, then that's priceless.
   Members are permitted to bring a maximum of three items, for $5 (+ tax) each. If you don’t have an item for appraisal, you’re more than welcome to still attend, sit back and enjoy the event free of charge. Helga will be announcing items in the style of “Antiques Roadshow,” so it will be entertaining and educational for all in attendance. (Complimentary cookies and coffee don’t hurt, either!)
   For more information about the “Trinkets and Treasures” event, please call the Activity Center at 746-7633 or email me:



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