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   Additionally, there are many times I need to have a final attendance count weeks before an event date. For example, The Straz Center in Tampa requires a final count at least three weeks prior to the event so they can mail our theater tickets on time. As a result, paying close attention to the ticket cutoff date listed on our flyers is crucial. While I always do my best to make last minute exceptions, it is imperative that you pay close attention to these cut-off dates; the last thing we want is for you to miss an event due to circumstances beyond my control. In summary, just remember that the early bird gets the worm!  
As we begin to head into the next few months and welcome back our seasonal friends, we will have plenty of activities for you to enjoy – from Day Trips and Seminars to Dance Parties and Big Shows. But please keep in mind that the earlier you register, the better chance you’ll have of securing your attendance. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these matters, and I wish you all a terrific and fun-filled October! And as always, please know that my door is always open should you have any recommendations or questions.



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