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   By participating, you’ll also be supporting a great cause: the Citrus County Blessings program, whose aim is to end child hunger in our local area. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to this charity. The awards banquet (where winners will be announced) will be held at the Skyview Restaurant shortly after the parade.
   If you don’t have a golf cart but want to watch the parade, stop by the Activity Center for a parade route! You can set up your canvas chairs, bring some hot cocoa, and cheer on your favorites.
   Come January, we’ll start the year off on a musical note with The Healing Power of Music on January 9th. Gayle Cohen will be returning with her seminar (which was sold out this past July!) to share her first-hand experiences and teach how music is used to lift and heal the body, mind and spirit. Topics will include: everyday stress, loss of a spouse or friend, divorce, chronic illness, terminal illness, ADHD, fear and confidence issues, memory difficulties, addictions, and more.
   For more information about these and other events, please call the Activity Center at 746-7633. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!



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