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   This is generally the time of year I start to hear the question: how do I get my ball to stop on the greens? This is because the cooler nights and shorter days make the greens harder and faster than in the warmer months. Creating spin on any shot is a product of three factors. First, is centeredness of hit. In order to create maximum spin on the ball, it must be hit in the center of the clubface. Second, is angle of attack. The steeper your swing, the more spin you impart on the golf ball. Finally, the third component to spin, is clubhead speed. It is for this third reason, that it is impossible to create very much spin on a short shot, simply because there’s just not enough clubhead speed. The only way to create a lot of spin on a short shot, is to open the clubface and increase swing speed. It is also, for this reason, that when you see the players on television, and they are trying to not spin the ball too much, they will take a ¾ swing with their arms, to reduce spin. So remember, if you’re looking to really spin a shot, you must hit it in the center, swing with a descending blow, and have enough clubhead speed to start the ball running up the clubface quickly.



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