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     Our next Demo Day is scheduled for Saturday, December 7th. It’s a great opportunity to try out all the latest and greatest clubs before many of them are even available in stores. It also provides you the chance to meet with and gain the knowledge and expertise of a club-fitter specifically trained for that product. Mark your calendars to come out, try some different clubs, and find the ones right for you.      
     TIP OF THE MONTH – SEEING IS BELIEVING: Use of a video camera has revolutionized teaching the game. Everyone learns differently, but it’s hard to dispute what you see with your own eyes. There are, however, other ways to see your golf swing. One is by looking into a mirror. You can stand face-on or turn to one side or the other and work on any position in your swing needing attention. However, we can’t always be in front of a mirror. Another way to see yourself is through your shadow, and since we live in sunny Florida, there is almost always sunshine casting our shadow. One particularly beneficial thing to see with your shadow is any head movement. By putting the sun to your back and taking a swing, you can observe your head for any extra movement, especially downward. A little head movement back on the takeaway and a little forward on the through swing are not a problem. Just watch for any excessive movement. Remember, seeing is believing and you don’t always have to have a video camera to be seen.



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