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   Loose battery cables will produce heat, many times enough to smell.  If you do smell heat from your golf cart, stop immediately and check for loose battery cables. Hopefully, these preventative measures will keep your golf cart going strong.
   How far do you hit your driver? I’m sure not as far as you would like. Did you know that an increase of only one mile per hour of clubhead speed equates to roughly 2.5 yards? So, the question is, how do you increase club head speed? Well, you can go to the weight room and lift weights, you can commit to a stretching regimen, or you can practice with one of those swing aids that measures your club head speed. The fact is there are many ways. However, most of the time a player just needs to swing more from the inside. Practice swinging more inside to out, while waiting until the bottom of the swing to reach top speed and see if you don’t gain yardage.  



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