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 When it goes down, you feel extra pressure and encounter difficulties. I think a lot of this internal pressure comes from the final score for the 18 holes. A long time ago a good friend, Bruce Fitzpatrick, gave me some advice when I asked him why I couldn't finish off a good round, always seeming to give back strokes, just to end up with my average score. He told me that I should think of each hole as a continuation of my total number of holes in my lifetime. He said by thinking this way, when I got near the end of a better than average round, I wouldn't perceive the finality of the 18-hole score, but just another hole to be added to my lifetime score of consecutive holes. I have used this philosophy ever since, and it truly works for me. So, the next time you're having one of those better than average rounds that puts you out of your comfort zone, simply think of the next hole as having no more weight than any other in your continuous lifetime score.



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