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   Golf is a great game for so many reasons: the scenery of a golf course, the fresh air, the exercise, the challenge of the game, and the enjoyment and excitement it can deliver because of its challenge. However, it’s even better when we play well. Here’s a tip to help you do just that. Don’t believe that practice makes perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. For this reason, it is so important to create a work station when you practice. This ensures you are doing exactly the same thing every single time. This repetition creates a perfect habit. Some type of alignment aid is critical. Place the aid between your feet and the ball for proper alignment, and another aid perpendicular to the first, to help with ball position. By setting up this work station each and every time you practice, you will form the habit of perfect alignment. Then when you go onto the golf course, you will only feel normal when your body is in that familiar, perfect position.



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