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   Since Skyview has been re-opened, I have noticed a couple of things I wanted to bring to your attention. First, the few times I have played since the re-opening, I have noticed a good number of ball marks on the greens. Please repair your ball marks and any others you see. Secondly, I have noticed that the divots are being filled with sand for the most part, however, I would like to see more sand used to fill the divot. Remember, the purpose of filling it with sand, is to prevent any depression from occurring once the grass fills back in. It is better to over-fill the divot than to under-fill it.
   TIP OF THE MONTH – CORRECT PRACTICE – Most golfers go to the range and hit drivers for the entire session. While the driver is an important club, it will do little to improve your score. Keep varying your clubs when you practice. Hit some drivers and then try some short irons and some fairway metal woods. You can duplicate a golf round right on the range. Go through the clubs you use during a typical round. Varying the clubs you use in practice will make for a good, realistic session that will improve your game.



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