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   All players winning their age division will receive a trophy at our season-ending Awards Banquet. We will also pay net prizes in all divisions. The deadline to sign-up for the event through our Golf Genius software is Monday February 11th. 
   The New Rules of Golf took effect on the 1st of January. In a nutshell, many of the changes that were made by the USGA and R&A were designed to speed up the game and have made the rules less penal by eliminating penalties for actions made by the golfer that do not give the player an unfair advantage over the field or opponent. Examples of these changes would be being allowed to leave the flagstick in while putting, accidentally moving their ball or touching their intended line on the putting green. Although the 37 changes or additions to the existing rules are too numerous to explain in the space provided in this article, the USGA has a wonderful video series explaining the major changes to the rules. Simply go to and click on the videos tab. Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the new rules or procedures.



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