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Job Descriptions


Restaurant Hours:

 Skyview Restaurant: 352-746-6727

Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 2:30pm
(Lunch is not available on Sundays or Mondays)

Tuesday - Saturday: 5pm - 8pm
Tuesday: Steak Nights or other Themed Dinner Special
Wednesday: Cocktails & Classics with Bistro Menu
Thursday: Themed Dinner Specials
Saturday: Prime Rib Feature
Sunday: Brunch - Last Sunday of the Month Only

Bar Service Only:
Sunday & Monday: 12pm - 4pm
Happy Hour: Thursday, Friday & Saturday 5-8pm


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Do you want to stay informed of all that’s happening at your Club? If so you need to download our mobile app! With all that the Club has going on during the year and our need to keep you informed we are reminding everyone with a smartphone to take a moment and download the Citrus Hills mobile app, it's the fastes and easiest way to stay in the know!
It’s very simple, go to the App Store and type in Citrus Hills in your search box. Then click on it to download the app to your phone for FREE. It’s that easy! When we need to send out a quick notice or reminder you will receive it via pop-up text notification. Please ensure that notifications for our app are turned on in your settings. All apps that have interactive features (taking photos, sending emails, getting directions, making phone calls) require access to your phone’s system. Our mobile app does not ever record, store, read, see anything on the user’s phone.


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