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Skyview at Terra Vista Update - by Jimmie Brothers

    Happy 4th of July to everyone! We are working hard on the golf courses at both Citrus Hills and Skyview. The Oaks and Meadows will be aerated again in August. Both the Oaks and Meadows have seen trees removed, which were causing shade for turf and creating weak areas. Many tree stumps have been ground out on both courses and cart path repairs have been made on the Meadows. Certain areas where the turf was most weakened by this past winter’s severity have been re-sodded. 
   Skyview has seen work on hole numbers 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, and 17. These areas have been or will be beautified with beds of flowers, shrubs, and small trees. Irrigation has been installed in some areas and Bermuda sod laid. Other areas have been sodded with Bahia. Out-of-bounds lines have changed on some holes, being moved out somewhat.  The big bunker down near the green on hole 14 has been partially filled in and sodded.  The greens continue to be patched where the mutated grass has infiltrated, and Skyview will also be aerated again in August. 


Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club Updates - by Wayne Larsen

   One hundred and thirty-six players participated in our Summer Open on Saturday, June 2nd, sponsored by Ensure. Winning the Ladies’ Division was the team of Marti Jones, Pat Laskowski, Jackie Dziekan and Johanne Moyes. The Men’s Division was a tie between the team of Dwain Dickey, Jerry Krause, Don Werner and Mac McDuff, along with the team of Luis Javier, Billy Bond, Vince Christian and Gary Tucker. The winning Couples Division team was Burt Bartok, Sandy Dixon, Chuck Owen and Sandy Lipscomb, while Kathy Saltsman, Ed Crawford, Lois Foley and Kelly Halsey were tops in the Mixed Division. Before, during and after the tournament representatives from Ensure informed our players about their products, gave away free samples and also conducted games and contests on the course. Their presence made our already popular event even more fun.


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