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Skyview at Terra Vista Update - by Jimmie Brothers

    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and I trust you’re ready to get down to serious business with your golf game now that the new year is here. I have a quick and easy tip to help. Swing mechanics are very important to good ball striking. However, most players don’t want to take the time to have lessons and then work as hard as is necessary to truly achieve good swing mechanics. We all want a quick fix. There is one thing that all players can do to see instant improvement. I use the acronym RTT to remember the recipe. The letters stand for rhythm, timing, and tempo. Even with poor swing mechanics, a player can see better results if they concentrate on improving these three areas. Rhythm is the regular, repeated pattern of movements. Timing is the synchronization of movement. Tempo is the speed, rate or pace of the movement. They are all intertwined into good ball strikers’ golf swings. Without being too technical, I simply mean that if you concentrate on swinging exactly the same every time, with regard to the smoothness, the order, and the rate or pace of speed, then many swing faults can be overcome. Try playing your next round or two with only those three words running through your mind and see if your ball striking doesn’t improve. 


Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club Updates - by Wayne Larsen

   Happy New Year! Our final Open Mixer of the year was a huge success. Seventy-six players braved the cold weather and participated in the St. Nick Open on December 9th. The spirit of giving was in full display as each player was asked to bring an unwrapped toy to benefit the Marine Corps Toys-For-Tots program. It was great to see the donation box completely filled and overflowing with toys for deserving young children to enjoy for the holidays. The results of the event can be found in the Fairway Feats section of this month’s Connections.
Congratulations go out to Buzz Fredrickson who shot 76 to better his age by one on November 24th. A native New Englander, Buzz shot that great round during a steady rainstorm. 


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