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Skyview at Terra Vista Update - by Herb Hurley

    As with all clubs across the country, the golf members are the lifeblood of the success of any club. The management of Skyview at Terra Vista continually looks for new and innovative ideas to increase its golfing membership. 
   As many of you are already aware, one of our newest plans currently being offered is for all Terra Vista residents who currently are not Charter Golf Members. This offer will only be available for a limited time, from June 1st through July 14th. During this period, we are giving those qualified the opportunity to join as a Charter Golf Member for a refundable deposit of only $5,000. The goal of this plan is to attract those golfers who did not become members and are playing golf at other clubs.
   I know that our current members want the golf membership to grow, and that you will embrace this new plan, as well as others in the future that are intended to help the course continue to move forward and attract new members.


Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club Updates - by Wayne Larsen

   Out with the old and in with the new! We now have several channels that will help you liquidate some of your old golf clubs and use the proceeds toward purchasing new golf equipment. Essentially, you have two ways to liquidate your current clubs. The first is, depending on the manufacturer, you may simply trade in an older model of a specific club for a new model from the same manufacturer. As an example, you can trade in last year’s Callaway Fusion Driver for this year’s Epic Driver. The second avenue is to sell any club from any manufacturer and use the proceeds to purchase any new product from any other manufacturer. For example, you can sell your two-year-old Nike Vapor Driver and use the money from the sale toward the purchase of this year’s Taylor-Made Spider Tour Platinum Putter. Understandably, the market and the club being sold will determine the price that is offered. This new service allows us to show you what your clubs are worth on the open market and handle the transactions for you. This “found money” and any unused pro shop credit just may be the way to treat yourself or a loved one to an early Christmas present.


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