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Skyview at Terra Vista Update - by Herb Hurley

    June is here and most of you know what that means — summertime golf in Florida. If you are like me and love the summer heat, you also know the importance of sun protection and hydration.
   When people think about sun protection, they usually think about skin protection. While that is very important, it is also essential to protect your eyes as well. There are many methods you can use to protect your skin from the sun. You should always use sunscreen, but you can also protect yourself by wearing hats that cover your face and neck, and wearing clothing that provides sun protection. Many of the shirts that we carry in the pro shop have some sort of sun protection built-in. One of the most important parts of our bodies that we often neglect is our eyes. Choosing the right sunglasses is important for maintaining good eye health. Our pro shops also offer a great variety of UV protective sunglasses to help eliminate the glare and reduce stress on the eyes.


Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club Updates - by Wayne Larsen

   Kay Close’s sixth consecutive Ladies’ Club Championship win last month seemed “easy” when compared to last year’s win. This year, there was no pain from a hip injury to fight through or  sudden-death playoff needed to capture the title. The fact is that it is never easy to win a championship. Kay had to play some excellent golf down the stretch to stay ahead of Marti Jones who was playing some outstanding golf. Marti shot solid rounds of 78-78=156, only to finish as runner-up to Kay’s 74-76=150. In most years, Marti’s score could have very easily won a title. In trying to win our Ladies’ Club Championship, our current crop of ladies is faced with playing against a champion like Jones, Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus or Woods. Not “easy.” Other ladies winning flight prizes in this year’s event were: Jackie Dziekan, Helen Forte, Jeannette Mazzone, and Johanne Moyes.


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