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BellaVita Spa and Fitness Update - by Lee Thompson

    Similar to exercising your body regularly, it also takes a conscious effort to make a lifestyle commitment to have healthier skin. Taking the time to maintain and care for your skin is the smart and healthy thing to do. And, like exercising, properly caring for your skin will promote total body wellness.
   At BellaVita, we want to work your skin into shape, as well as your body. Our estheticians will pamper you and customize a facial specifically for your skin type and needs. It’s also an excellent way to wind down and relax, and might just become one of your favorite “workouts!”
   A visit to a skincare professional can be very beneficial. Many people may not realize that taking care of their skin between their facial appointments is just as important as the facial itself. The spa at BellaVita believes that caring for your skin is vital to keeping your skin healthy and looking your best. With this in mind, we provide an extensive retail area.

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   Our spa offers so many amazing services!
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