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BellaVita Spa and Fitness Update - by Lee Thompson

    Starting a fitness program doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you have the proper tools and mindset to get started. Follow these “Do’s and Don’ts” to have a more successful workout.
   DO: 1. Write down your fitness goals. You’re more likely to stick with a program once you have set some specific goals. 2. Always strive to eat a well-balanced diet that includes ample servings of vegetables and fruit. 3. Break down your meals so you eat several mini-meals a day. 4. Assess your current fitness level before starting an exercise program. 5. Consider talking to your health care provider before embarking on a fitness program, particularly if you are struggling with any health conditions. 6. Supplement your diet with essential fatty acids, such as fish. 7. Choose healthy alternatives to satisfy your cravings when possible. 8. Always stretch before and after your exercise routine. 9. Slowly increase the intensity of your workouts.

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