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BellaVita Spa and Fitness Update - by Lee Thompson

    When using cardio equipment, follow these simple procedures of proper form and posture to get the most out of your workouts. Keep your body upright, with your shoulders relaxed, while you concentrate on your workout. Also, when you grip the handrails too tightly, your shoulders and back tense up. You’re more likely to injure yourself or spend the night trying to get to sleep with a stiff neck than achieve a great workout. And limit the time you talk to your neighbor, as this also can take away from your workout.
   An important part of any workout involves starting with a good warm-up to loosen your muscles and tendons, and then ending with a cooldown to maintain blood flow and prevent dizziness. A warm-up helps the start of blood flow to the larger muscles. On any cardio piece, your warm-up should be slow. After a couple of minutes, gradually increase your intensity to whatever you desire. A cooldown should consist of reducing your pace for the last 2-5 minutes.

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