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Entertainment, Events & Travel-by Emily Will

    A memorable film from the 1980s (and one of my personal favorites) was Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. One of the highlights was when the main character, Marty McFly (Fox), played the song “Johnny B. Goode” at his parents' prom… and it just so happens that this scene is the inspiration for our upcoming 1950s prom dance, “Enchantment under the Sea,” scheduled for Saturday, May 4th!
   We’ve hired a bona fide rockabilly group, the legendary Impacs, to play onstage in our auditorium. Originating in the Bay Area, the original Impacs are celebrating their 58th anniversary by taking you back to the days of sock hops, American Bandstand, and drive-in restaurants and theaters. They’ll truly rock your socks off, and you can find samples of their music at: TheOriginalImpacs.


March Trivia Winners!

 This Month’s Citrus Hills' Trivia Challenge Winners!

First Place:
The Village People with 88 points

Second Place:
Trebeck's Rejects with 86 points

Third Place:
Titans of Trivia with 79 points

Pictured: Donna and Will Lucas, Adele and Bob Blinn, Bill and Wendy Knarr, Adri Brongers, Michael Meyer, Nicki Beisel, and Marti Little


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