Information and Hours

Located inside the Activity Center
240 W. Fenway Drive
Hernando, FL 34442
Cost and Tee Times: $40/hour TOTAL for a foursome from 10am-4pm, seven days a week!
Call 352-527-0497 to schedule your Tee Time!

Located in the Activity Center, we have two Full Swing simulator studios, offering a great selection of over 60 PGA Tour golf courses worldwide, accommodating one to four people per simulator.

Please bring your own golf clubs, and escape into one of the scenic landscapes with some friends or family to play 9 to 18 holes or hit the driving range to finesse your stroke. A practice putting green and a bar with beer, wine, and liquor is also available.


  • Experience the most realistic Golf Simulator Software.
  • Play the most iconic championship golf courses with the most innovative software in golf.
  • Visually stunning.
  • Course realism like you have never seen.
  • Real-time feedback.
  • Most realistic ball flight and tracking data in the industry.
  • Full Swing’s industry-leading technology is used exclusively by the Golf Channel.
  • Over 60 golf courses and practice range landscapes to choose from.

See your actual ball flight on screen without delay transitioning from the real world to the simulated world, just like you would on the course. As your ball crosses the four HyperClear cameras, we instantly measure ball speed, launch angle, and direction. No other simulation technology or indoor launch monitor can more accurately or rapidly measure these ball flight characteristics.

You’re playing on the best courses with the best graphics because your game deserves the best!

Fairways Golf Simulator