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Hacking Attempt at Citrus Hills Addressed

         On February 17, 2017, the Grille Restaurant was the victim of a hacking attempt. During this attempt, hackers infected one employee’s workstation from a website that they visited. Citrus Hills’ IT Partner (Citrus Networking Solutions Group) was able to identify the infection and isolate it within minutes.

 This is the information that is known:
 ·  The infection occurred at 4:54PM EST on February 17th.
 ·  By
4:57PM EST CNSG responded to the infection, classified the infection and stopped it from performing it’s function.
 ·  By mid-day February 18th every server was taken offline and scanned to make sure the virus had not affected it.
 ·  CNSG contacted
Bellcurve Technology to assist with determining the method of infection and how to best prevent it from happening again.


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